Coming Up The Second Half of 2019.

Here is what is coming up for the rest of the year:

July 20th – 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing at Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil Hills, NC.

August 19th – National Aviation Day/Orville Wright’s Birthday at Wright Brothers National Memorial

Oct 18 – Oct 20 – Collectors Attic at Baltimore Comic-Con 2019

December 17th – 116th Anniversary of Powered Flight at Wright Brothers Memorial

The Adventures of My Batman Adventures #12.

Batman Adventures #12 CBCS 9.2 

The comic book with a story, My Batman Adventures went on a yearlong adventure of its own.



I sold this comic in June of 2017. The comic never arrived and was presumed lost. The customer was refunded his money. Jump to this year and I get a call from CBCS. They say they want to put me in touch with a lady who may have my missing comic. What?!

 It  turns out her daughter had some missing books and had opened a case with the police department. She had been watching eBay to see if she could find a replacement. She found one, her own book! In the same lot on eBay was my Batman Adventures! They contacted the police and BA #12 was put in evidence with the Opelika Alabama Police Department.

The Book could be mine again, all I had to do was come down and claim it. As much as a many hour trip to Alabama sounds like fun, I figured there has to be another way. After contacting a courier service, they picked up the comic and dropped it at the local UPS store who was waiting for it. The next thing you know the comic was back in my hands in June of this year. One year after I originally sold it!

This explains why the graded comic is sealed in a police evidence bag. My first inclination was to pull the graded comic book out, but friends suggested I keep it sealed. After all how often do you sell a comic that has a crazy story behind it?



Please Join Us at FAIRFAX! VA COMICON at GMU June 9-10, 2018!

We will be at the Fairfax VA Comicon next weekend, June 9th and 10th! We’ll have some nice graded books, wall books and plenty of comics to browse through! The Convention is at Dewberry Hall, Johnson Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Click on the link below to learn more.

Fairfax VA Comicon


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Please Come and See Us at Fairfax, VA Comicon in June!

Please come and see Collectors Attic at FairFax, VA COMICON at GMU June 9-10, 2018!

BRAND NEW SHOW IN FAIRFAX, VA! Check out 2 full days of Comics and Cosplay at George Mason University.

Collectors Attic at the Va Comicon

Dewberry Hall at GMU

4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

Collectors Attic at the Free “Old School” Comicon on January 13th!

FREE SHOW!! NO lectures, NO artists NO cosplay, NO toys…JUST an entire BALLROOM filled with the BEST COMIC BOOKS on the East Coast from $1 to 10,000 each!

Saturday, January 13 at 10 AM – 4 PM

University Student Commons and Activities at VCU
907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220

Tickets Available

Please Come See us At the Richmond Comicon Tomorrow!

Please come and see Collectors Attic at our last Comic Convention VA COMICON of the year on Saturday, December 9th. It will be at the Old Dominion Building at Richmond Raceway. We’ll have some nice graded books, fancy wall books and plenty of $1.00 comics to browse through!

Collectors Attic at the Va Comicon

Join Collector’s Attic at the Collectibles Expo!

Join Collector’s Attic at the Collectibles Expo the weekend of April 22-23 at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds!

We will be selling action figures, non-sport cards, toys, comics and NASCAR collectibles.

You can become a vendor or buy tickets to the show here


The Collectibles Expo!

My 40 years with Star Wars.

My first real contact with Star Wars was the Marvel comic book. It was 1976 and there were so many comics to choose from, I thought I’ll just stick to Science Fiction comics, that should be manageable. I was buying stuff like The Eternals by Jack Kirby. Then one day I saw Star Wars #1. I wasn’t thinking, Oh it’s an adaptation of the movie that will change my life. I was thinking, Oh look, it’s a #1 of a new Science Fiction comic.

In the meantime I was an avid reader of Starlin magazine. Starlog was the place to get your SF movie and TV news in the dark ages before the internet. Starlog wasn’t always easy to find, and was a little expensive at $1.00 an issue. I remember having to explain spending a dollar on a magazine at the drug store when the first issue came out. Starlog #1 had a painting of Kirk and Spock on the cover and proclaimed itself as being a Star Trek special edition. There was no way I was not buying this thing of beauty.

This magazine told me about Space:1999, the Six Million Dollar Man and even had some snippets about a project called The Star Wars. I will never forget seeing issue #7 on the newsstand beckoning to me with a dynamic photo of a TIE fighter firing at an X Wing fighter. This must be something amazing. I gobbled the information contained within and then did again for weeks and weeks.

May 1977 rolled around and I was trying to figure out a way to see this movie. I knew all the new movies came to the Ridge Cinema, which was in west Richmond. This was past the due of the earth according to the maps and was not anywhere my Mom or grandparents were likely to take me. I ended up going to see it with my friends who had more adventurous parents than I did. I don’t remember too many details of that screening, but it was love at first sight. I had seen movies more than once before, because SF movies were rare and so I would sit through them for two showings if I could get away with it; movies like Logan’s Run and Damnation Alley. Over the course of 1977, I saw that movie as many times as I could arrange. I remember talking my Dad into seeing it with me even though he said, Haven’t you already seen that?

Over the past 40 years, I’ve lost track of exactly how many times I watched Star Wars. Not Episode 4, not A New Hope. I watched it in the theater, I watched with a fox. I watched them on a box. I saw a private showing at my Uncle Luis’ club in São Paulo Brazil. I rented it on VHS. I owned it on VHS. I owned the special editions on VHS. I owned it on DVD. I own it on Laserdisk. I now own them on Blu Ray. And my favorite lately is the digital copy that nerds with more patience than me edited to look like it did in 1977, but in better quality than we could have dreamed of 40 years ago.

It’s hard to believe that at age 13 I found my favorite movie of all time. I keep watching and waiting for something to knock it of its perch. It may never happen, because frankly it would take a lot for a movie to overwhelm me as an adult the way it did to 13 year old Mike Fonseca.